Across the enterprise, there is untapped value in the machine data generated by your business infrastructure and applications. Hidden in this data is the fuel you need to run your business, optimize your operations and generate revenue. From healthcare to manufacturing and financial services to public sector, Splunk Enterprise is the leading platform for getting answers from your aggregated machine data. Whatever your business challenge, just point your data at Splunk Enterprise and start analyzing your world.


Blubird‘s Managed Services will work with you to build a strategic success plan for faster return on investment and more impactful business results with your Splunk deployment. Furthermore, we implement Splunk solutions to allow you using the easiest way to aggregate, analyze, and get answers from your machine data.


Service Offerings

Assess and Design

Review and discuss current requirements, use cases and data sources with an Arrow Solutions Architect. They will build a customized implementation plan, including detailed configuration guidance, data onboarding requirements, and the best architecture to target your business needs.



Splunk Accredited Implementation Engineers will install and configure your Splunk environment, build out a data collection strategy, and ensure your system is optimized for success. After identifying the highest priority use cases for your implementation, we will ensure Splunk is accurately ingesting all of the necessary data to support your data-driven business needs.

Outcome Realization

A Splunk Accredited Implementation Engineers will build your data analytic engine by leveraging Splunk dashboards, alerts, and apps to achieve the outcomes identified in your implementation plan. Our team has already helped other customers realize the value of their data, they can help you too.

Evaluation of Success

Our Implementation plans are the roadmap to building your Splunk environment. Our team continuously assess our progress to ensure we are delivering on our planned milestones, identifying roadblocks, and providing constant updates on the status of your Splunk Implementation.

Expanding Success

Our team can help you use your data to identify the next question to be answered, the next analytic to be implemented, or the next cost saving process to be evaluated. Our team has helped a lot of Splunk customers redefine their business around data-driven decisions, let us help you find your next answer.

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