Technology improvement is a never ending story and your IT environment needs to be in healthy shape to move your business forward. To gain a competitive advantage, IT environments are constantly on the move and can become very comprehensive and complex.


Blubird can enable customers to decrease the amount of difficult interventions and increase the flexibility to change along with the market. Blubird has developed a Managed Services Framework to provide its customers proactive services for their IT environment. With our Citrix ADC(NetScaler) managed services, customers can rely on support and consultancy based on years of expertise knowledge and best practices.



Citrix ADX has become the industry’s leading web application delivery solution, and can maximize the performance and availability of all applications and data in your IT environment. Citrix ADC products are available in several editions providing functional needs and the appropriate physical or virtual appliance platform to fulfill performance and scalability needs. Citrix ADC in your network are the cornerstone of your infrastructure security.

A Citrix ADC takes care off following items within your infrastructure:

  • Load balancing

  • Reverse proxy

  • SSL and Authentication offloading

  • URL-filtering

  • HTTP flow switching and policy engine

  • Web Application Firewall

On top the flexibility of the Citrix ADC platform is an important game changer for bringing your apps to your users. Citrix ADC can be your DevOps integration point of your microservices, web services and API engines.



To ensure companies can bring out the best out of their Citrix ADCs, Bubird has built a Managed Services Framework to provide specialist knowledge and best practices, for both maximized availability and optimized configuration.
The managed service builds on top of the Blubird made tool : This tool allows you to quickly analyze a Citrix ADC config and find all your web-app dependencies, so it is super easy to port it from one environment to another (DTAP).

Availability of optimized configuration templates for multiple scenarios:

  • Unified Gateway for XenApp, XenDesktop Single Factor

  • LDAP

  • SAML (FAS)

  • Unified Gateway for XenAp p, XenDesktop 2-Factor

  • With RADIUS integration

  • With MFA

  • Reverse Proxy XenMobile

  • ADFS – Sharepoint - Exchange

  • Standard Web Application (HTTP/HTTPS) with easy option to filter on URLs

  • Integration with DevOps CI/CD

Best-Practices and tweaks in Netscaler base configuration:

  • SSL/TLS profiles

  • TCP profiles

  • Advanced settings

  • Multi network layer level monitoring


These templates and best practices will ensure you a fast and reliable deployment and management of your NetScaler platforms.


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