Over the years, Blubird has gained a ton of experience in the field of Design, UX, UI and branding. Started to be only incorporated within a development project, our Digital Transformation department now offers Design, UX & UI and Corporate branding services for our customers.




During a application development project, our journey starts with user stories and project scoping. Immediately after the kick-off, our UX designers will create wireframes, which are a visual representation of the user interface; stripped of any visual design or branding elements. It is used by UX designers to define the placement of objects on a screen and communicate what the items on that page should or can be, again based on user needs. This will allow the further design and development work to be focussed on what the core of the application is.


Corporate branding


If required, Blubird can create a new corporate identity for business and organisations. Corporate branding is important to become sticky and gain more visibility, both online and offline. Services within our Corporate Branding offering include the creation of: company logos, portfolio designs, stylesheets, templates and all types of marketing collateral.




For the design, we can both keep our customer’s corporate branding and style guidelines, or create a whole new digital identity that later on can be freely extended to other non-digital business applications. Our UX and UI specialists always keep 4 principles in mind: Contrast, Alignment, Repetition and Proximity.  Material Design provides a seamless user experience across all types of devices. Responsive transitions and animation, along with padding and depth effects such as shadows and lightning, make it feel elegant and user-friendly. A lot of common-used web applications are designed with Material Design, making it easy for users to immediately start using the applications as it was designed for.




Next, a prototype of the application is built to bring both Wireframes and Design to live and give test-users the closest feeling with the real application. Most of the user stories are integrated in the prototype as well, so feedback is based on all usability-aspects and -behaviour of the test-users.


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