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From Splunk Zero to Splunk Hero

Ever thought about “how Splunk can create value for your business operation” but never had the time to attend proper workshop or training session for you and your team? Well, Blubird offers free on-premise Splunk workshops for teams that might benefit from using Splunk technology.

This workshop is a great opportunity for you and your team to discover the value of Splunk, hands-on in a matter of hours.

 What will be covered:

  • Creating your own Splunk environment on AWS.

  • Collecting & indexing data

  • Searching & creating statistics

  • Creating interactive dashboards

Who should join:

This workshop is designed for Splunk beginners. Whether your organisation is just starting to consider using Splunk or you have just joined a team of Splunk Ninjas and need to understand the basics, a Splunk4Rookies workshop is a perfect fit for you or your entire team.

What you bring:

  • Your laptop with a browser that can access external websites 

What we bring:

  • A free Splunk t-shirt

  • A fun and educational experience

How to Apply

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