ESHRE - Focus On Reproduction Mobile and WebApp

Blubird has developed a web and mobile application to fully digitalize the “Focus on Reproduction” magazine by ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology). ESHRE was founded in 1985 by Nobel Prize Winner Robert Edwards and J. Cohen with a main aim to promote interest in, and understanding of, reproductive biology and medicine.

Christine Bauquis, Communications Manager at ESHRE is responsible for the FoR (Focus on Reproduction) magazine, which used to be published in a paper-only format and was available for members only . During the emergence of digital and social marketing, Christine Bauquis saw the need to transform the Focus on Reproduction magazine into an only-digital format to gain more reach and members.

After some research, ESHRE found out that the readership of the printed magazine was limited and considering the resources put in the production of a printed magazine, the return on investment was low.

The main problem with paper-only publishing was related to the costs and the limited capabilities of marketing and communication activities around it. “We were unable to access metrics and organize digital community talks” Christine said. Also, FoR’s readers were not able to share publications. After some internal meetings, ESHRE decided to look for partners to build their own FoR news app, for both Mobile & Tablet, as well in a responsive webapp format.

Via web research, ESHRE made a selection of partners. Blubird became one of the four selected partners to present themselves. “During the first meet-and-greet, we immediately noticed that Blubird was the only partner to combine all the elements we were looking for our future IT partner: they came across as very professional, they had a mature portfolio of clients, they took the time to listen to our story,  they asked the right questions and embraced the project with an excellent understanding of our needs” Christine said. 


Blubird was one of the few partners that had all the skills in-house to translate ESHRE’s need into a tailor-made solution. Blubird took a look to the digital environment that was already in place and suggested to keep some of the digital components and the inhouse processes; to downsize new investments and reduce expensive migrations. Even when the project was in full design and development mode, Blubird kept on contributing by suggesting improvements on the fly.

Blubird created a solution that exists out of a multiplatform React Native mobile app and web app. ESHRE and Blubird decided to keep ESHRE’s current CMS system while putting an API architecture in place. This set-up is not only reducing costs, but makes the distribution of content towards the multi-platform front-end secure, fast and very easy. Blubird did a great job taking all of ESHRE’s needs in consideration and creating a multifunctional news app; while we can now save on operational expenses.

ESHRE is very satisfied with their digital move. They are able to publish new content fast and reach out to their readers much more efficiently and provide them more relevant content. By integrating social media and a community module,  readers can easily share and comment on articles. To top it of, ESHRE is now 100% digital transformed, “Our FoR magazine was the last part of the digital transformation for ESHRE”.

To know more about Blubird’s mobile- and webapp offerings, send us a message or give us a call.