Building an enhanced NetScaler Config Tool


With a lot of Citrix NetScaler experience, our consultants saw the need for a better NetScaler Configuration tool. Together with our development team, we created a basic NetScaler Configuration tool that can index all objects and dependencies in groups, and isolate and extract application logic.

This tool massively enhances implementation and configuration changes on a NetScaler environment. Soon after the first period of internally use, we started to build a web-based application with a GUI and advanced features. The overall objective is to empower the community of Citrix NetScaler administrators and consultants, and eventually save precious time.

Features on the first version will include:

  • Automatic indexing of objects and dependencies
  • Isolating and extracting of individual application logic
  • Editing and exporting snippets of config files
  • Managing multiple configs and save them for later
  • Browsing in our community template library
  • Getting help from Blubird NetScaler Experts

Feel free to sign-up for early access at

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 10.50.07.png