Digital Transformation in Commerce

Over the past 2 years, Blubird has developed multiple E-commerce platforms for different types of businesses. We always start from the business needs, we don’t push existing webshop frameworks or platforms. By differentiating from a traditional approach, we believe we can enable customers to differentiate themselves and gain a great competitive advantage.


Digital Transformation (DX) for E-commerce starts with analysis of user behaviour and user motivation to design an overall better digital experience for customers, while keeping the business objectives in mind. Our DX approach will increase usability and increase the opportunity to generate more conversion and sales. A Blubird kick-off includes the creation of user stories by our DX specialists, based on the needs and requirements of every type of user. In many cases, these requirements include the integration and the adoption of existing legacy applications, services or infrastructure elements.



Blubird is able to offer design and development services to build large scalable multi-platform applications. By using API-driven content communication, all platforms have the ability to make 'Get & Push'-requests to the back-end application or database; even to other third party applications and services.  Blubird builds cloud native web apps with integration to PaaS components where it might be beneficial.

Design, UI & UX

Design starts with wireframes, a visual representation of the user interface, stripped of any visual design or branding elements. It is used by UX Designers to define the placement of objects on a screen and communicate what the items on that page should or can be, again based on user needs.

For the design, we can either align to the customer’s corporate branding with style guidelines, or create a whole new digital identity that later on can be freely extended to other non-digital business applications. UX and UI specialists always keep 4 principles in mind: contrast, alignment, repetition and proximity.


With design methodologies, such as Material Design, we can provide a seamless user experience across all types of devices. Responsive transitions and animation, along with padding and depth effects such as shadows and lightning, make it feel elegant and user-friendly. A lot of common-used applications are designed to make it easy for users to immediately start using the applications as it was designed for.

Next, a prototype of the application is built to bring both Wireframes and Design to life and give test-users the closest feeling with the real application. Most of the user stories are integrated in the prototype as well, so feedback is based on all usability-aspects and -behaviour of the test-users.


Development is done in an agile way, we create a story backlog, and then have 2 week sprints and schedule a specific amount of story points for each sprint. all development happens in an iterative way.

Cloud & on premise

With a growing team of IT specialist, Blubird has gained a lot of experience within the IT infrastructure and Cloud area.  Aside from our DX services, Blubird supports several big organisations with their IT environment needs and requests. Once an application or platform is running, Blubird will make sure the availability and scalability are at maximum level to assure conversion; uninterrupted.


As every Blubird developed application is tailor-made, so is the underlying IT environment. The IT environment is composed based on the application and business requirements. Often we set-up a balanced mix of state-of-the art on-premise IT infrastructure and standardised public cloud services. Together, forming a powerful and future-proof hybrid cloud model with strong security.

This approach ensures more flexibility and scalability but might require more running parts.  To cope with that Blubird is a strong believer of log analytics, trend analysis and provides the tools to measure and report on application performance and usage.   


To assure awareness, conversion and user adoption, marketing will be a key factor for the launch of a brand new e-commerce platform. At Blubird, we strongly advise to integrate marketing tactics and essentials, such as SEO, mail automation, content distribution, social, marketing analytics... - into the e-commerce application. With less effort and more focus on strategy, business can achieve thought leadership more easily.

Always open for business


E-commerce initiatives need to monitor and maintain the customer or target audiences experience, not only monitor UP or DOWN but analyse application performance and the full user experience. With Blubird’s support model, businesses can rely on a team of software and hardware engineers in case of failure. If you are depending on a website as revenue-stream, you need a SLA greater than the usual 9/5-model.

Blubird keeps the customer’s needs and requirements in focus while keeping budget and scope perfectly aligned in every phase of an digital commerce transformation.