Web and mobile application development, Virtualised infrastructure management and the integration of both worlds

Blubird was founded in 2013 by Koen Warson and Manuel Noirfalise. Their target is to fasten market adoption of new technologies through their staff, their projects and their clients. They feel this is mandatory to be able to keep moving forward in the fast evolving market.

As technology is moving fast and the market adoption is often slower than we want, although the need is there. Blubird aims to provide the human capital to accelerate that market adoption and provide the experts to move to the next level by being in the forefront of technologies and methodologies. Blubird wants to help its customers by delivering a solution to a rapidly changing environment with a focus on :


Our mission for our customers is to design and carry out innovative and high quality software applications in the best relationship and collaboration (“win-win”). In our fields of expertise, we are involved in all phases of the project cycle, from the idea and the definition of technical specifications, architecture design, implementation, up to the training and transfer of skills. We are committed to contribute to the development and innovation in companies in the technological domain, increasing their business capacity through the development of technologically advanced Web Solutions.
Our customer always find customized and specialized solutions for every type of need. We differentiate ourselves from the competitors thanks to our strategic vision expertise. This ensures the maximum exponent of our work. We set goals, seek innovative solutions and present suitable solutions for every project and are convinced that the end result will translate into sustained return.


Business and organizations rely on information exchange every minute of the day. Security is a key factor in this process to protect data, customers and people."
Blubird is active in the following areas :

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Today it is not possible to set up a web application strategy without thinking mobile. In some cases we push for MOBILE FIRST. These concepts are very well understood at Blubird and are always influencing us in our way of managing web & mobile development projects. The ability to adapt has thoroughly inspired us as where “responsive design” makes websites readable on any device. Furthermore we are ready to build the web service API’s that can communicate with native mobile apps as well.


At Blubird we work on the realization of web sites (B2C) as well as on the realization of web applications (B2B). Our technical expertise is built, client- and server-side.
Today it is not possible to set up a web strategy without it being mobile as well. This concept is very well understood at Blubird and is always influencing us in our way of managing web & mobile development projects.

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Blubird can assist you in optimizing your infrastructure and build upon open source solutions as well as commercial solutions. Blubird is not influenced and biased by selling licenses and products but aims to assist and advise you in your strategic IT decisions. Strategic partnerships, certified staff and sufficient years of experience make Blubird the expert partner for :

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As a talent incubator, together with partners, Blubird aims to accelerate market adoption of new technologies.